Saturday, 20 October 2018

21st October 29th Sunday Ordinary Time

Please remember in your prayers:

Lately Dead: Breda, Mrs Pat McGrath (Fr. O'Brien's First Communion Catechist)
Anniversaries: Edward Massey, Margaret Massey, Mary La PIa
, Margaret Madden

Sick: Lynne Harrison, Rita Owen, Jack Hargreaves, Mary Jordan, Audrey Heyes, Pat Stephenson,

Caroline Dunne
Masses & Liturgies 23rd October
28th October 2018

Tues 23rd - 6pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. 7pm - Mass - Dean Stamp
Wed 24th - Church will be open as usual 9am -12 noon

Thurs 25th - Church will be closed.

Fri 26th - Church will be closed.

Sat 27th - 6:30pm Vigil Mass. Presentation of Sacramental Programme Children
Sun 28th
- 10:00am Mass. Presentation of Sacramental Programme Children

There will be weekday masses Monday to Friday at St Joseph's Accrington at 9: 15am

Offertory. The collection last weekend (13thl14th Oct) was £ 760.33. Thank you for your kind generosity.

Welcome. We welcome Fr. Ian Kelly who will be celebrating the Masses here at St. Mary's this weekend and Dean Stamp who will be celebrating Mass on Tuesday evening.

St Mary's Community Project will be holding a Charity Bake Off competition on Sunday 28th October at St Mary's Parish Centre! The competition is free to enter, but anyone wishing to enter will need to let Sian Owen know beforehand (email:, tel: 07962 383019). And even if you don't like baking, come along anyway to have your cake and eat it! Info to be included here

November - All Souls. November traditionally for Roman Catholics is the time we call the "Month of the Dead". A time when we are reminded to pray for the souls of those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith. During this November there will be a number of opportunities for us to pray for our deceased love ones.


1. Blessing Graves - Dean Stamp and myself will undertake the ancient tradition of blessing graves on Sunday 4th November at Accrington Cemetery and Sunday 11th November at Dill Hall Lane Cemetery.


2. Names of the Dead - There will be a box placed on the sanctuary near the Altar in November. You are warmly invited to write the names of deceased loved ones and place them in the box and part of my priestly prayer at all the Masses in November will be to pray for those whose names are in the box.


3. Mass of the Dead - On 3rd November at 1 0:30am there will be a Mass for all those who have died over the last twelve months. This will be a time for our parish family to remember those we have lost this year and support those families who are still grieving. All are welcome.


4. Sanctuary Lamp - If you would like to sponsor the sanctuary lamp in memory of a loved one or for any intention and have that intention included in the newsletter, then please see me or the parish secretary. The cost of sponsoring a lamp is £5 and it will burn from Saturday to Saturday.

Service of Light. On Sunday 28th October at St. Joseph's Audley, Blackburn there will be a prayer service in memory of all those 'Little Angels' who have gone to God. The service will start at 2pm and there will be refreshments after. See Pauline Burton for more information.

Parish Trip. There has been the suggestion of a parish trip on Friday 30th November. The plan would be to organise a coach from St Mary's to York for the day. Once dropped off people could explore the city at their own pace and meet the coach later at a designated spot to return home. The famous St. Nicholas Christmas market would be on and there is a whole range of other activities to do, Due to the nature and layout of the city I would only recommend this excursion for people who are fairly robust walkers and are able to look after themselves independently.

If you are interested then please sign the sheet at the back of church or speak to Tony Alveston.