Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: Susan Yates, Pat Haworth, Joan Anders, Andrew Hazzleton

Lately Dead:, Paul Sparkes

.Anniversaries: Margaret Ward, Mary Dignan, Martin Dwyer, William & Joan Ryan, Fred Duckworth


Masses this week:

Monday: No Mass

Tuesday: Exposition of Blessed Sacrament 6pm Mass 7pm

Wed: Mass at 9:30am

Thurs – Mass at 9.30am

Fri – Mass 9:30 am

Sat – Exposition of Blessed Sacrament and Confession at 9.30am followed by Mass at 10.30am


Office hours this week are 9 – 12 Tuesday – Friday


May Devotions Before each 9:30am Mass during May there will be the rosary.

On the second weekend 12th/13th May we will celebrate the ancient practice of crowning a statue of Our Lady. Please feel free to bring flowers at those weekend masses to place before Our Lady


The Community Project are having 'A Bit of a Bigger Do' on Saturday 16th June 2018 at Lock Street  Tickets are £5.00 each which includes a potato pie supper.


Happy  Birthday to Margaret Cropper who is 90 years young on the 20th May 2018



St Marys Ossy Mills  Group. The next meeting will take place on Monday 14th May at 11;30am

Anyone is more than welcome. Please note the change of date due to Bank Holiday weekend.


Sacramental Programme. The next meeting for the children and parents of the Sacramental Programme is on Tuesday 8th May and Tuesday 5th June will be a practice for First Commuinion. All meetings will take place in church at 6:30pm prompt.


Roof Repairs. In the next couple of weeks there will be scaffolding outside the church for some repairs to the main roof.


World Communications Day. There will be a second collection on Sunday 13th May 2018

In his message for World Communications Day 2018, Pope Francis speaks of journalists as "the protectors of news." That their task is "not just a job; it is a mission." He reminds us that persons are at the heart of information, that informing others means forming others; "That is why ensuring the accuracy of sources and protecting communication are real means of promoting goodness, generating trust, and opening the way to communion and peace". On this World Communications Day, we pray for those who work in the media and also for the valuable work carried out on our behalf by the Communications Office of the Bishops' Conference. Working with journalists across both national and international media outlets, it provides a professional news service to the Church and to the world.


The Christian family is Missionary; it announces the love of God to the world.

                                                                                                                        (Pope Francis)