Friday, 5 January 2018


Please remember in your prayers:

Anniversaries: Domenico Pirraglia, Constance Margaret Nuttall, Stanley Nicholas Bury, Ian David Bury, Edith Bury, Andrew Hargreaves, Joe Duggan, Edwin Riley, Fred Partington, George Savage, Carol Savage, Olivia Savage, Kenny Mitchell, Margaret Doran,  Damyan Eccles
Mass Offering for Chris Metcalf and recovery of a sick person.

No Masses on weekdays this week:

Monday – No Mass
Tues – No Mass
Wed – No Mass
Thurs – No Mass
Friday – 11am Janet Smith's Requiem Mass
Sat – 6:30pm First Mass of Sunday
Sunday 10:00 am

 No Confessions

In line with the Diocese insurance company. The Diocese has issued guidelines with respect to candles in church. The full list is available but of particular interest are the following
·         Before a property is secured and at the end of each day, ensure that all candles are extinguished (other than Sanctuary Lights kept in glass containers)

·         Votive candle stands should be used for holding multiple candles; each candle should be adequately spaced (approx. 10cm) apart and consideration on the height of candles used should be given as these can easily collapse and ignite each other.
Baptism: The Courses of Preparation will begin on the following Sundays 4th Feb & 4th Mar 2018
3 Minute daily retreat. Have you ever thought of making a Retreat but never had the time try the link below for a daily 3 minute retreat you can do at home.
Hope in the Future   Please could all the completed leaflets be returned as soon as possible.
.The Ossy Mills Group The next meeting will take place on the 8th January at 11:30
Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Epiphany. "The Lord and ruler is coming; kingship is his, and government and power." With these words the Church proclaims that today's feast brings to a perfect fulfillment all the purposes of Advent. Epiphany, therefore, marks the liturgical zenith of the Advent-Christmas season. — Pius Parsch
Great minds discuss ideas: average minds discuss events: small minds discuss people.
                                                                                                            Eleanor Roosevelt