Thursday, 21 December 2017


Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: Janet Smith,  Pat Haworth, Joan Anders, Margaret Coyne, Paul Duffy, Marlene Dunderdale, Anthony Walton, Nathan Armstrong, Mary Austin, Dan Jarvis, Christopher Browae, David Smith

Lately Dead: Sheila Flanagan, Mary McNally, KJ Dawber.

Anniversaries: Domenico Pirraglia, Bernard Lawrence, Mary McNamara, Mary Ann Clarkson,

John Edward Sweeney, Herbert Garry, Recovery of a sick person, Reg Morley, Hubert Stones, Special Intention, Family Intention, Thanksgiving Mass, George Clayton,

Christmas Masses, Joe & May Walsh, Beth & Fred Alveston, Joseph Ada & Claire Joyce, Patrick & Claire Doolan, Joseph and Alice Macneal, Geoff Woods, Ross & Alice Woods, Joseph Whiteside, Bert & Pat Hindle, John & Nellie Walsh, Leonard Prestige, Bob & Sally Parker, Raymond Parker, Roy & Rita Hills, Harry & Teresa Crook, Peter Crook, Margaret & Harry Richardson, Leonard & John Burns, Margaret Smith, Barbara Shaw, Harold & Mary Duckworth,

Thomas McIntyre, Daniel McIntyre

Masses this week:


Sunday (24th) – 6pm Carols

                            6:30pm First Mass of Christmas

Monday – 10am Christmas Day

Tues – No Mass

Wed – 9:15am

Thurs – 9:30 Funeral Mass of Mary McNally

Friday – No Mass

Sat – 6:30pm

Sunday 10:00 am

Confessions Sat 5.45 -6:15 and Sun 9:15- 9:40

















Please note the Parish Office will be closed from 22nd Dec until the 4th Jan



The Word This Week: 4th Sunday of Advent having spent so much time on the Second Coming, now we look back, to remember the details of the Lord's First Coming. Today we focus on the character of Mary, and hear of the angel Gabriel being sent to her, to invite her to take her part in the mystery of the Incarnation, "the revelation of the mystery kept secret for endless ages". This mystery springs from the House of David, and so we lead into the Gospel by hearing of the establishing of that house. An interesting idea is that the first reading talks of David wishing to build a house for the Lord; through the prophet he is told not of the house that he would build, but the House which is his line: eventually, in Mary (betrothed to Joseph) the House of David does itself become the house of the Lord, the womb wherein he has a dwelling place.

Christmas Reflection  There is a wonderful way in which the Christmas message emerges from out of the midnight darkness as we gather for Mass: the first words of Scripture we hear tonight are like the beaming of a star through the blackness of night: 'The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light.' The mystery of Christmas is this - a great revelation: a light in the darkness, a star through the night, the birth of the Sun of Justice; the showing to the whole world of the love of God, made visible in Jesus. No wonder there is a great throng of the heavenly host shattering the darkness of the cold night on the hillside outside Bethlehem - because the invisible night of sin and sadness is shattered by the light of the Saviour's birth. Christmas is a very emotive and (in a sense) romantic feast: many of the congregation this evening will come with childhood memories and their own idea of what Christmas is about. It is important that we are aware of this, so that you we can allow the deepest wonder of this night to penetrate through what can sometimes be rather shallow thoughts about the mystery. Remember it is not about 'then' - this is about 'now' and our salvation.

Happy Christmas to you and your families from Father John and Father Joe