Friday, 15 December 2017


Please remember in your prayers:

Lately Dead

Anniversaries: Mary Ann Clarkson, Cecilia Agnes Randles, Bernard Joseph McNamara,
Philip & Beverley Nightingale

Masses this week:

Monday – 6:30
Tues – 9:15
Wed – 9:15
Thurs – 11am at Springhill Nursing Home
Friday – No Mass
Sat – 6:30 Fourth Sunday of Advent
Sunday 10:00 am Fourth Sunday of Advent
Confessions Sat 5.45 -6:15
                        and Sun 9:15- 9:40
Sunday 6:30 – First Mass of Christmas
Monday 10 am Christmas Day

St Mary's Ossy Mills Group The next meeting will take place on the 8th January 2018 at 11:30
Christmas Decorations Please could we have some volunteers to stay behind after mass to help prepare the church for Christmas.
Baptism: The Courses of Preparation will begin on the following Sundays 4th Feb & 4th Mar 2018
The Piety stall has a lovely selection of Advent Calendars and Caritas Christmas Cards (£2.50 per pack).
Community Project for the Refugees. Please note the labels will be on sale at the back of church this weekend.
Altar Servers Old and New . Anyone who has seen Father Joe about being an Altar Server, there is a practice at 4pm on Saturday 23rd December 2017. Please come along.
3 Minute daily retreat. Have you ever thought of making a Retreat but never had the time try the link below for a daily 3 minute retreat you can do at home.
APF. Please can you collect your books from the Sacristy.
Eucharistic Ministers for the Sick and Housebound  Please can you collect a small gift from the Sacristy to take to those on your communion round.
St Marys Primary School are having a Carol Service in Church on Thursday 21st December 2017 at 2:30pm. All are welcome.
Hope in the Future   Please could all the completed leaflets be returned as soon as possible.