Friday, 23 December 2016


Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: Fr Joe Waring SJ, Fr Jim Culkin, Pat Haworth, Stacia Ryan, Joan Anders, Martin Dwyer, Janet Whitehead, Margaret Coyne, Graham Gooding, Paula Stephenson, Michael Nieweglowski, Paul Duffy, Maria Twigg, Joan Murray

Lately Dead: Patrick Terence (Terry) Hogan, Monsignor Arthur Keegan, Mary Carey, Chris Divers, Ryno Ferraira, Joan Milward

Anniversaries: John Edward Sweeney, Daniel McIntyre, Bernard Lawrence, Emma Holden, Herbert Garry, Mary McNamara, Rose Hodson


There are no Masses this week.

There is a Funeral Service at Accrington Crematorium on Friday at 1.40pm for Mary Carey. She had no family. It is expected that only the Priest, Funeral Director and the Solicitor will be present. Mary spent some time in Whiteash Brooke before going to a home in Haslingden. She is a Roman Catholic and if people could find time to attend so she does not depart from this world alone, it would be a corporal act of mercy.


Next Weekend Masses are as usual. 1st January is also "World Day for Peace". A day much needed for prayer in our present world of dangerous divisions.


The parish office will be closed this week.


Crib Offerings This year the offerings left at the Crib will be forwarded on to "Caritas – Diocese of Salford" for the Syrian Refugees.


Christmas Masses The following Masses have been handed in to be said over the Christmas period: Gregory Heyes & family, Richard & Gertrude Haworth & family, Marie & Bill Taylor, Harold & Mary Duckworth, Evelyn & Ernest Taylor, Annie, Jim & Chris Metcalf & deceased members of the Metcalf & Kemp families, Les Holmes, Geoff Woods, Ross & Alice Woods, Joseph Whiteside, Pat & Bert Hindle, Nellie & John Walsh, Brian Walsh, Peter Crook, Teresa & Harry Crook, Sally & Bob Parker, Raymond Parker, Margaret Smith, Lenard Burns, Margaret Richardson, Lenard Prestwich, Ken Hargreaves, Joseph, Ada & Claire Joyce, Patrick & Clare Doolan, Beth & Fred Alveston, May & Joe Walsh, Mary & Michael Coyne, Nora Coyne, Rita & Una McQuade, Mr & Mrs McBride, Mr & Mrs G McQuade, Tilly.



May I thank you sincerely for all the cards and presents I have received for Christmas. They are truly appreciated.  Fr McLauglin and I wish all of you and your families a very Blessed and Holy Christmas


"Think of the love that the Father has lavished upon us by letting us be called God's children; and that is what we are." 1 John 3.1


Thank you to all those who have helped get the Church ready for the liturgies and for those who have prepared them. Great work!