Sunday, 25 September 2016

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The following is a brief version of this week's newsletter

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: Nan Ganley, Alice Partington, Michael Keane, Stacia Ryan, Joan Anders, Martin Dwyer, Janet Whitehead, Maria Twigg, Margaret Coyne, Graham Gooding, Dexter Jones.

Lately Dead:  Fr Terence Schofield, June McCaffrey, Myriam Neveu

Anniversaries: Jack Kemp, May Kemp, Anne Riley, James Riley


Masses this week:

Tues – 9.15am

Wed – Midday Mass at Mount Carmel

7.30pm Service of Reconciliation

Thurs – 10.45am requiem mass for June McCaffrey

Fri – 12 noon followed by packed lunch


The Parish Office will be open 10 – 1pm Tuesday & Wed, & 10 – 1pm Friday this week.




Parish Pilgrimage to Wardley Hall Salford The list for visiting Wardley Hall on the 16th October is now closed. There is usually a maximum of 25 people per visit, however we have been able to extend this to cover the 30 names already on the list.



Saturday, 10 September 2016

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: Michael Keane, Stacia Ryan, June McCaffrey, Joan Anders, Martin Dwyer, Janet Whitehead, Maria Twigg, Margaret Coyne, Graham Gooding, Mary Allonby, Martin Sanders.

Lately Dead: Dorothy Stephenson, Hazel Bell

Anniversaries: Ann Duckworth, Dave Sanders, Maurice Cross, John Livesey, Freda Rigg, Kath Smith, Thomas Slevin, Fr Richard Slevin


Masses this week:

Tues: 9.30am Mass                       

Fr John away will be away from Wednesday.


The Parish Office will be open 10 – 1pm Tuesday & Wed, & 10 – 1pm Friday this week. We welcome Jean, our secretary, back from her holidays.


Ministry Rotas for September are available in the Sacristy If anyone would like to make themselves available to read at Mass then please speak to Fr John. All age groups welcome!


Children's Liturgy The Children's Liturgy re-starts this weekend 10th/11th September.


Today is Education Sunday In this parish we have 4 schools which shows the commitment of the Church to Education. There have been many comments this past week from the Prime Minister re selection in education. In the Catholic Church we are committed to educating all our children so that they may have a full part to play in society irrespective of race, class, colour or creed. At both Masses this weekend there will be staffs present from all our schools and we thank them for all the work they do for our parents, our parish and society as a whole, without forgetting the children themselves. Schools are more and more involved with the whole welfare of the child and the family, and the pressures they have to deal with today are, at times extreme. We have the opportunity this weekend to thank them for all they do in their most important vocation.


Next Weekend Fr McLaughlin will be saying the Masses as Fr John is away on holiday. As part of the "Year of Mercy" the portrait of "The Prodigal Son" will be arriving in the parish and Fr McLaughlin will preach on forgiveness and mercy. The following weekend when Fr John is back there will then be a series of talks on "Mercy" with emphasis on the "Sacrament of Reconciliation". Fr John will be going around the schools with the portrait and children and staffs will have the opportunity for Confession. There will also be Confessions held during the week at various times. Do make an effort to come along. Do not worry if you can't remember how long it is since you last went or even if you don't know what to do or say. You will be helped.


Next Weekend is also "Home Mission Sunday" when there will be a second collection for the Catholic Faith Centre – more information in the monthly newsletter.


Sacramental Program Parents who are wanting to have their children make their First Confession and Communion this academic year must start bringing their children to church from now. Please pass on this information to any child who may be Catholic and maybe does not attend a Catholic school. There will then be a meeting called in the near future of all parties who have declared an interest.


Day Of Recollection at St Joseph's next Saturday. Venue St Joseph's Church Hall, Accrington.

"The Eucharist, Source of our Mission" 10am – 4pm. Take a packed lunch.


Two posters at the back of Church, One if you are about to go to University – about Catholic Chaplaincy.

The second is the advert for the post of Deputy Director for Education for the Salford Diocese.