Friday, 1 July 2016

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: Joan Anders, Martin Dwyer, Janet Whitehead, Maria Twigg, Margaret & Michael Coyne,

Lately Dead: Maureen Jackson, Margaret Little (Requiem Mon 11th July)  

Anniversaries: Kieron Feathers, John Grundy, Verda Wolfenden, Peter Wolfenden James Simpson


Masses this week:  (in the Sacristy – access via the presbytery)                                              

Tues – 9.30am Mass                     Wed –  12 noon Mass followed by packed lunch    

Thurs- 6.30pm Mass followed by Exposition                         Fri – 9.30am Mass


The Parish Office will be open 10am -1pm Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week.


Church Closed Due to the installing of the new altar, ambo and baptismal font, the church will be a building site this week and will therefore be "off limits" without authorisation due to "health and safety". Eucharistic Ministers will need to arrange with Fr John if they wish to take Communion to the sick during the week.


Friday Morning's Remembrance Mass Thank you to all those who came to the 7.30am Mass on Friday morning. It was a very moving experience.


Look in the mirror Part of a Sermon by Pope Francis

Jesus proposes clear rules to help us avoid falling into hypocrisy: to not judge others so that we, in turn, will not be judged by the same measure; and when the temptation to do so arises, it is best to first look in the mirror, not to hide behind makeup, but to clearly see how we really are. Pointing out that the only true judgment is that of God with his mercy, Pope Francis urged that we not give in to the temptation of taking God's place, of doubting his word.

 "We all desire that, on the day of judgment, the Lord will look upon us with kindness, that the Lord will forget the many bad things we have done in life", Pope Francis said. "This is right, because we are children, and a child of the father expects this, always". However, "if you constantly judge others, you will be judged by the same measure: that is clear".

Pope Francis suggested, "look in the mirror to see yourself as you are". Jesus' words are clear: "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?  The reason is that "those who judge put themselves in the place of God, they make themselves God and doubt the word of God". This is precisely "what the serpent persuaded our fathers to do, saying: 'No, no, God is a liar, if you eat this you will be like Him'. And they wanted to take God's place".

The Pope insisted, "Judgment is so wrong: judgment is only for God to do, him alone!". Our responsibility is instead to "love, understand, and pray for others when we see things that are not good", and if need be, to "even speak to them", to warn them if something does not seem to be going in the right direction. In every case, "never judge, never", because "if we judge that is hypocrisy".

"When we judge we put ourselves in God's place. But our judgment is a poor judgment: it can never, never be a true judgment", precisely because "true judgment is what God gives". Why "can't our judgment be like that of God?". Is it "because God is omnipotent and we are not? No, because our judgement lacks mercy". And "when God judges, he judges with mercy" .In conclusion, the Pope suggested we must not judge, so that we will not be judged; the measure by which we judge will be the measure we are judged by. let us look in the mirror before we judge". Therefore, when we want to say: "he does this, or she does that", it is better to look in the mirror before we speak. Otherwise, "I am being a hypocrite because I put myself in God's place". May the Lord "allow us to understand this well", the Pope said.