Friday, 10 June 2016

11th Sunday of the Ordinary Time

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: Kathleen Taylor, Joan Anders, Martin Dwyer, Janet Whitehead, Maria Twigg, Margaret & Michael Coyne, Stacia Ryan

Lately Dead: Joan Pickup, Mary Spittle, Zio Ernesto, Sheila Dudley

Anniversaries: Michael Duggan, William Orrell, Margaret Keenan, Patrick Joseph McGowan, Harry Borwick


Masses this week:   

Mon - No Mass                                            Tues – 10am Requiem Mass for Mary Spittle

Wed – 12 noon Mass followed by packed lunch    

Thurs- 18.30 Mass followed by Exposition                 Fri – 7.30am Mass followed by breakfast


During Masses this weekend, prayers will be offered for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her 90th Birthday, in thanksgiving for her reign.


The Parish Office will be open 10am -1pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday this week.


The Altar Fund has now reached £27,443.12 as we seek to raise £30,000 for the altar, baptismal font and lectern. The generosity of many of you has been amazing. Thank you.


Further Meeting about the Bishop's Visit will take place in the Parish Centre at 8pm on Thursday 16th June. This will look at bringing everything together for the Bishop's visit and the Consecration of the new Altar.


Parish Reception for the Bishop Please print your name on the list at the back of Church if you would like to be invited to the Parish Reception to be held in the Parish Centre after the Mass. Food will be provided free of charge. Canap├ęs for reception then full spread Buffet lunch.


1st July – Commemoration of those who died in the Battle of the Somme, It was at 07.30 hrs on the 1st of July that the troops were ordered to go "over the top", out of their trenches, into battle. It was a slaughter and many were killed from this area on that day. To mark the moment there will be a Solemn Mass held here at St Mary's at 07.30hrs on the Friday morning. I would like to encourage as many of you as possible to be present to remember our Catholic men from Sacred Heart and St Mary's parishes, along with others who gave their lives. If we get 200 to attend then we can each represent one of the names of the fallen on that day or following. On the Feast of Ss Peter & Paul (29th June) there will be a Primary School's Mass in Church. During this Mass the children will lay the names of "the fallen" at the altar. These names will have attended the schools that the children are presently at, Sacred Heart, St Mary's and St Oswald's. Then on Friday 1st July there will be poppies laid with the names at the 07.30 Mass. These will then be put on crosses in the grounds when the Bishop visits to consecrate the altar on the 10th July, the altar bearing the insignia "The Ultimate Sacrifice" which is Christ's Body suffering with "The Fallen".

Over the weekend of 2/3 July we will remember those who died at the Somme, those currently serving in the Armed Forces, and for peace.


I hope that you will find this a very proper and moving tribute with everyone involved.


Nostalgia Evening – Fri 1st July 8-late Please sign up if you wish to attend. It is all part of the above. Price £6 each


APF-Mill Hill Mass Next Saturday 18th June at 3.00pm in the Cathedral, the Bishop will celebrate a Mission Mass with the supporters of APF-Mill Hill, as a way of thanking all red box holders and annual members, as well as Local Secretaries and Promoters, for their spiritual and material support to the overseas Missions of the Church. It is a significant year in that the Mill Hill Society is celebrating 150 years since its foundation by Cardinal Vaughan.