Friday, 8 April 2016

Weekend 9th - 10th April

"Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:


Sick and housebound:  Martin Dwyer, June McCaffrey, Mary O'Connor, Patrick Mannion, Mary Logan, Jimmy O'Toole, Vida Filippini, Sheila, Peter & Noreen Stevens, Pauline Smith, Maria Twigg, Fr Terence Schofield, Dylan Jai Robson


Lately Dead: Alex Rawcliffe, Jamie McCrea, Mildred Stevens

Anniversaries: Nellie Gleeson, Edward Keenan, Jim Coyne, Leslie Holman, Tom Anderton, Joe McIntyre


Masses this week:   

Mon – No Mass this week as Fr John is away

There are Masses at St Anne's, Accrington  


This weekend we welcome Fr McLaughlin who will be celebrating the Masses with us this weekend as Fr John is away. Fr John will be back for next weekend.


The Church will be closed during this week.


The Parish Office will only be open 10am-1pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday this week.




Next Weekend is Vocations Sunday This is the traditional time when we take a collection for the training of our students for the Priesthood. This is known as the Ecclesiastical Education Fund (EEF).


This year in the Diocese, we look forward to the ordination to the Priesthood of Rev Michael Deas and Rev Richard Howard who are completing their studies at the Venerable English College, Rome. We also have two ordinations to the diaconate: Mark Paver also from the English College in Rome and Gavin Landers from Oscott College, Birmingham.


Please hold them in your prayers as well as our other students who are continuing their journey in formation; Damien Louden, at the Beda, Rome; Callum Brown and Bob Hayes at Oscott College Birmingham, as well as Luke Bradbury at the English College in Valladolid in Spain.


Should anyone wish to make a private donation to the Ecclesiastical Education Fund, please make cheques payable to St Marys Church Oswaldtwistle and write EEF on the back of the cheque or on the envelope.  Thank you


The Altar Fund has now reached £23,508.57 as we seek to raise £30,000 for the altar, baptismal font and lectern.


If you wish to make a donation then please place your money/cheque inside an envelope marked "Altar Fund" and if you wish to add any names you would like to be remembered in the document that will be sealed in the altar, please place them in the envelope too. All donations will be treated as anonymous but will be acknowledge by letter. Please be sure to leave us your name and address. Thank you to all those who have so generously supported this project.


Quote to note: "The great lesson is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one's daily life, in one's neighbours, friends and family, in one's backyard " – Abraham Maslow