Friday, 4 March 2016

4th Sunday of Lent

"Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound:  Martin Dwyer, June McCaffrey, Mary O'Connor, Mary Logan, Jimmy O'Toole, Vida Filippini, Sheila, Peter & Noreen Stevens, Pauline Smith, Maria Twigg

Lately Dead: Florence Jepson, Bernard Michael Ward, Grace Herdman, Heather Booth, Louise Gough Irvine

Anniversaries: John Catlow, Edwin Moulding, Elizabeth O'Bryan,, Margaret Sweeney, Herbert Hodson, Ken Le Pla, Richard Henry, Roy Cropper, Mary Borwick, Mary Nodwell, Kathleen Livesey


Masses this week.   

Tues – 9.30am Mass                     Wed – 12 noon Mass followed by packed lunch  

Thurs – 6.30 Stations of the Cross - 7pm Mass                    Fri – 7.30am Mass


This weekend there is an appeal on behalf of HCPT Gp 72 which some of our parishioners travel with. There will be time to meet them over coffee and tea after Mass.


Confessions will be held after the 10am Sunday Mass this weekend.


Happy Mothers' Day to all our Mum's



Thank you


Just a big thank you to all those who came along to the "24 Hours with the Lord". I am sure that many of you made great sacrifices especially with the poor weather. It was good to see so many coming into church to spend time with the Lord during this Year of Mercy when he asks us to visit the sick, the stranger, the imprisoned, feed the hungry, tend to the thirsty and the naked and bury the dead. We have to be able to recognise his face in them, but we have to recognise His Face in the Eucharist too. I hope this also reminds us that visiting the church regularly to pray can help us so much. Thanks to the choir and those who were involved with the Taize hour of prayer.


Thank you also to those who came to the meeting about the Bishop's visit. We are already preparing some of the projects suggested by those who came. We hope to be able to use the visit as fully as we can to commemorate those who gave their lives in defence of our values and to enable the Bishop to meet as many as possible.


Further thanks to those who came together to discuss the future of parish life. There was a lot of rich advice offered and deep thoughts shared. We hope to have the minutes of our meeting available to everyone very soon.


Thanks also to those who came down to clear the paths of snow and to put down grit to help people's footing when coming and going to and from church.


Thanks, as well to the many of you who turned up for the Requiem of Florence Jepson. I know that many of you couldn't be present due to other commitments, but you were well represented by those who came on your behalf. Whatever we do we represent everyone when we do something on behalf of the parish.                         Fr John