Sunday, 14 February 2016

6th Sunday of the Year

Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:
Sick and housebound: Martin Dwyer, June McCaffrey, Mary O'Connor, Jimmy O'Toole, Vida
Filippini, Sheila, Peter & Noreen Stevens, Pauline Smith, Maria Twigg (If you wish to put someone on the sick list you must have permission of the person or family. Please also put your name after the request so we can refer back if any questions. Thank you.)
Lately Dead:
Anniversaries: Winefride Burton, Joe Duhan, Bill Moorhouse, Catherine Kehoe, Teresa Ainsworth.

Masses this week.
Tues - 9.30am Mass Wed - 12 noon Mass followed by packed lunch
Thurs - 6.30 Stations of the Cross - 7pm Mass Fri – 9.30 am Mass

Next Friday is Family Fast day (see monthly newsletter) so next Sunday we will have a collection as a result of our efforts.

Forthcoming Meetings (in the presbytery unless stated otherwise)
18th Feb at 7.30pm - Emmaus Group
23rd Feb at 7.30pm - Re Bishop John's Visit
25th Feb at 8pm – Parish Council - Meeting to be held in the Parish Centre
28th Feb - Parish Centre AGM – Meeting to be held in the Parish Centre
1 st Mar 7.30pm - Lourdes Pilgrimage Meeting

The Parish Secretary is available Tues - Fri 10am - 1 pm

Not too late to do something for Lent!

Have you decided to do anything for Lent? Well it is not too late to start!
There are all sorts that you/we can do for Lent as we look to becoming more "Missionary".

Mission begins with prayer. Now that the Church is open each day there is an opportunity to
pop in for some private prayer, to just sit or kneel there and pray. You can always light a
candle to leave burning, representing your prayer carrying on after you have left.
There are books at the back if you would like to do the Stations of the Cross and meditate
on the Passion and Death of Jesus. You could always pray the Rosary. Over the last few
decades it has been common for Churches to be closed. Now that we are encouraged to keep
them open then we need to get back in the practice of calling in as we pass. Maybe we can
encourage families to call into Church on their way going to and from school. Mass is at
various times during the week offering people the chance to attend as best suits.

Mission means "reaching out". Have you thought of making a friend of someone who is alone
or needs help. The Eucharistic Ministers call to see people weekly who are housebound, there
are others too who may just like a visit during the week someone to chat to.

Spiritual Reading is always good to try in Lent. Fr John has lots of books that he is willing to loan out if people would like to read them. There is always the "Walk with Me" Lent booklets.

Whatever you decide to do try to make the most of Lent by deepening you faith.