Friday, 18 December 2015

4th Sunday of Advent

"Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: June McCaffrey, Jimmy O'Toole, Vida Filippini

Lately Dead: Fr Anthony Sudlow (died suddenly and from this diocese), Margaret Bolton,

Alan Davies, Dr Jose Paul, Margaret Beckell, Mary Tierney  

Anniversaries:  Margaret Darwin, Harry Catlow, Bernard Lawrence, Margaret Kenyon


Masses this week.     Mon – 9.30am – Mass                            Tues – 6.30pm Mass

Wed – 12noon Mass followed by packed lunch

Christmas Eve – 18.30pm First Mass of Christmas followed by Carols

Christmas Day – 10.00am Morning Mass

Boxing Day – 12noon Mass of St Stephen


Next Sunday – FEAST OF THE HOLY FAMILY - 11am Mass for all the Parish


Confessions will be held after the Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Masses




Family is like Lego that comes in all shapes and sizes, and fits together in many different ways.

Family is like a trampoline that allows you to fall and bounce back on your feet.

Family is like a party where you can celebrate, share and have fun.

Family is like a woolly jumper that can be wrapped around you all cosy and snug.

Family is a team that works together building happy fulfilling lives, memories and dreams

Family is a sensitive listener that can be compassionate and forgiving.

Family is everywhere, it's part of who you are and who you will be.

Family is here and now in this Church, together sharing the Good News of the Lord at Mass.

Family is round the table sharing our food and company.

Family is outreaching making room at the Inn.

Family is: Father and Mother – I Love You                      FAMILY IS LOVE                 (source unknown)


Our Parish Family consists of many volunteers whose tasks are varied. So as Parish Priest, on behalf of everyone who benefits from all the work done "WE THANK YOU", in no particular order: Members of the Parish Councils, Eucharistic Ministers (especially those who serve the Sick and Housebound & do home visits), the "Red Mission Box" Collectors, the Altar Servers,  Sacristans, Apparitors, Readers, Monthly Newsletter Printers, the Marriage & Baptism Preparation Teams, the Sacramental Programme & Children's Liturgy Catechists, the "Emmaus" Group, the Marriage Registrars, the Schools' Foundation Governors, the Piety Stall Helpers, the Choirs & Organists, the Church Cleaners & Brass Polishers, the Counters & Gift-Aid organisers, the Flower Arrangers, the Tea & Coffee Makers after Mass & Caterers, the Welcomers at Requiems, the Web-Site Maintainers, those who serve the Parish Centre, the Parish Safe-guarding Officer, the Wednesday Lunch Group and the CAFOD Soup Lunch Group, the Food Bank workers, those who do little jobs that need to be done and all those who spend time in prayer for others; then there is the Parish Secretary, the Housekeeper, the property repairers, the Gardener and all the Schools' Staffs and Lay Chaplain, plus the Undertakers.

"A Blessed Christmas" to the whole parish family, who make Jesus Christ present to all by your prayers and actions. If going away – have a safe journey!