Sunday, 18 October 2015

29th Sunday of Year - World Mission Sunday

"Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: June McCaffrey, Vincent Walsh, Jessica Whelan (3year old)

Anne Barton

Lately Dead: Fr Patrick Earley, Jacquie Cirino, Anne Doolin, David Henry, Jim Woods

Anniversaries:  Mary Le Pla, Margaret Madden


Masses this week. (Masses will take place in the Sacristy)

Tues – 9.30am Mass

Wed – 12noon followed by packed lunch

Thursday – 18.30pm Mass followed by Exposition

Friday – 7.30am Mass followed by breakfast


There will be a second collection this Sunday for World Missions. Today the Holy Father invites all Catholics to contribute to a special collection for Missio, his official charity for overseas mission. Your prayers and donations today will support the work of the missionaries and young churches like the Church in Mongolia as they share faith, build churches and provide healthcare and education, often in difficult and dangerous environments. Thank you.


Monthly Coffee Gathering will be happening this Monday 19 Oct at an earlier time of 12.30 at Ossie Mills


November Prayer List Please note that all lists need to be handed in by next Sunday 25th Oct.


Called to Serve


How do we come to understand the complex issue of what it is to "serve", as Jesus places the concept before the disciples and now before us.


It is an area I find very difficult to understand because it begs the question every day, "How can I be of service to everyone, each with your own demands, each with your own needs?" It is an impossible task if everyone seeks me to serve their own search for domination rather than one of helping them to serve. Each of us need to pray "Lord, teach me to serve," and only then we may discover what real service is.


To serve each person's search for power does not bring about a church of service, all it does is serve one's greed and individuality.


If we all look to be of service then the difference in the parish would be amazing for we would only look to build up the Kingdom of God, not our own. If we could learn to serve we would discover a challenge in all that we come across in life. For instance, when we come across poverty we seek to overcome it by addressing it, not by ignoring it. When we come across a baby crying we look to why is it crying rather than how do we shut it up because it invades my space, my quietness.


Pope Francis constantly reminds us of the need to serve, to go beyond. Many are looking away from the Church because we offer no help, we have become a church of restrictions, behaviour, laws that place burdens on others. That is why Jesus spoke out against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and the lawyers!


If we are to look at the call to service, then we have to put not just ourselves at the service of others but at the service of those who also seek to serve. We are not called to build up a church to serve individual whims or desires. We are called to enable those who need to be embraced, to be embraced by the love of God to protect them against those who only seek to destroy the love of God, by replacing Him with the self-centredness of the love of gods, eg one's own needs! Fr John