Sunday, 20 September 2015

25th Sunday of the Year - Home Mission Sunday

"Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: June McCaffrey, Janet Smith, Vincent Walsh

Lately Dead: David Burton, Brian Flanagan, Maria Cook, Emma Holmes

Anniversaries:  Maurice Cross, Claire Joyce, Freda Rigg


Masses this week:

Tues: 18.30pm - Mass

Wed: 12noon - Mass followed by packed lunch


Next weekend will see the publication of the October Newsletter. Any subject matter needs to be sent in by Tuesday evening as it goes off for printing on Wednesday.


Next Sunday there is a Pastoral Letter from Bishop John Arnold.


Today there is a second collection for the Evangelisation work of the Church in our country.



Proclaim God's Mercy


This weekend is "Home Mission Sunday". There is a Pastoral letter to be read, sent from Cardinal Nichols and Archbishop Peter Smith on behalf of the Bishops of England & Wales.


Home Mission Sunday is celebrated today and is themed: PROCLAIM God's Mercy. On this day we are encouraged to pray for the work of evangelisation in England and Wales, remembering in our prayers especially those whom we know are distant from the life of faith.

The Bishops invite every parish to celebrate Home Mission Sunday. In choosing this theme two priorities are particularly proposed for prayer and reflection:


Proclaim: That as a fruit of prayer every Catholic and every parish will take a new step to share their faith more joyfully and confidently, and so build missionary parishes.


God's Mercy: That catholic individuals and parishes will consider afresh how they will present the "balm of God's mercy" to others, in response to Pope Francis' announcement that there be a Jubilee Year of Mercy, starting in December.


Research shows that the majority of baptised Catholics rarely have contact with their local parish. Further, that the number of people who identify themselves as having "no religion" is on the rise.


Please support the second collection which funds the bishops' national work of evangelisation and the development of this year's Proclaim'15: Building Missionary Parishes initiative. The collection also ensures that the Catholic Faith Centre is resourced to respond to those who have questions about the Catholic Faith. It is possible to donate online at:

Commemorative prayer cards are available to take away at the church exits.

If people wish to make cheques payable then please make them out to St Mary's RC Parish OSW and we will forward the money on.


Please be observant! We have recently had some lead stolen off the roof of the church. If you see anyone other than Francis Darwin, John Peake, Andy Kornecki or Michael Corcoran working in the grounds, or up on ladders, who seem suspicious please notify the police. This does not mean people praying at the Grotto!!!!!