Sunday, 20 September 2015

25th Sunday of the Year - Home Mission Sunday

"Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: June McCaffrey, Janet Smith, Vincent Walsh

Lately Dead: David Burton, Brian Flanagan, Maria Cook, Emma Holmes

Anniversaries:  Maurice Cross, Claire Joyce, Freda Rigg


Masses this week:

Tues: 18.30pm - Mass

Wed: 12noon - Mass followed by packed lunch


Next weekend will see the publication of the October Newsletter. Any subject matter needs to be sent in by Tuesday evening as it goes off for printing on Wednesday.


Next Sunday there is a Pastoral Letter from Bishop John Arnold.


Today there is a second collection for the Evangelisation work of the Church in our country.



Proclaim God's Mercy


This weekend is "Home Mission Sunday". There is a Pastoral letter to be read, sent from Cardinal Nichols and Archbishop Peter Smith on behalf of the Bishops of England & Wales.


Home Mission Sunday is celebrated today and is themed: PROCLAIM God's Mercy. On this day we are encouraged to pray for the work of evangelisation in England and Wales, remembering in our prayers especially those whom we know are distant from the life of faith.

The Bishops invite every parish to celebrate Home Mission Sunday. In choosing this theme two priorities are particularly proposed for prayer and reflection:


Proclaim: That as a fruit of prayer every Catholic and every parish will take a new step to share their faith more joyfully and confidently, and so build missionary parishes.


God's Mercy: That catholic individuals and parishes will consider afresh how they will present the "balm of God's mercy" to others, in response to Pope Francis' announcement that there be a Jubilee Year of Mercy, starting in December.


Research shows that the majority of baptised Catholics rarely have contact with their local parish. Further, that the number of people who identify themselves as having "no religion" is on the rise.


Please support the second collection which funds the bishops' national work of evangelisation and the development of this year's Proclaim'15: Building Missionary Parishes initiative. The collection also ensures that the Catholic Faith Centre is resourced to respond to those who have questions about the Catholic Faith. It is possible to donate online at:

Commemorative prayer cards are available to take away at the church exits.

If people wish to make cheques payable then please make them out to St Mary's RC Parish OSW and we will forward the money on.


Please be observant! We have recently had some lead stolen off the roof of the church. If you see anyone other than Francis Darwin, John Peake, Andy Kornecki or Michael Corcoran working in the grounds, or up on ladders, who seem suspicious please notify the police. This does not mean people praying at the Grotto!!!!!



Sunday, 13 September 2015

24th Sunday of The Year and Racial Justice Sunday

"Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: June McCaffrey, Janet Smith

Lately Dead: Elizabeth Yore and Brian Flanagan

Anniversaries:  Maurice Cross, Kathleen Smith, John Livesey, Claire Broadley, Jim Coyne, Jimmy Hughes, K P John


Masses this week:

Mon: 12noon – Wedding Service for Daniel McKiernan & Chantelle Connolly

Tues: 18.30am - Mass followed by Exposition

Wed: 9.30am Mass at Sacred Heart School

Thurs: 12noon - Mass followed by packed lunch

Fri: 7.30am - Mass followed by breakfast


The Church is our Family by Pope Francis


The Christian community is the home of those who believe in Jesus as the font of brotherhood among all human beings. The Church journeys among her people, in the history of men and women, of fathers and mothers, of sons and daughters: this is the history that matters to the Lord. The great events of worldly powers are written in history books, and there they will remain. But the history of human feelings is written directly in the heart of God; and that is the history that will endure for eternity. This is where life and faith are located. The family is the place of our irreplaceable and indelible initiation into this history... into this history of life in its fullness, which will culminate in heaven with the contemplation of God for all eternity, but which begins in the family! And that is why the family is so important.

The Son of God learned the human story in this way, and he walked in it to the very end (cf. Heb 2:18; 5:8). It is beautiful to contemplate Jesus and the signs of this bond! He was born into a family and there "he learned about the world": one shop, four homes, a tiny village. Yet, living for 30 years there, Jesus absorbed the human condition, welcoming it in his communion with the Father and in his apostolic mission. Then, when he left Nazareth and began his public ministry, Jesus formed around him a community, an "assembly", that is, a con-vocation of people. This is the meaning of the word "church".

In the Gospels, the assembly of Jesus takes the form of a family and of a hospitable family, not an exclusive, closed sect: there we find Peter and John, but also the hungry and the thirsty, the stranger and the persecuted, the sinner and tax collector, the pharisee and the multitude. And Jesus never stops accepting and speaking to everyone, even those who no longer expect to encounter God in this life. That is an important lesson for the Church! The disciples were chosen to care for this assembly, for this family of God's guests.

We could say that the family and the parish are the two places where the communion of love, which finds it's ultimate source in God, takes place. A Church truly according to the Gospel cannot but take the form of a hospitable home, with its doors open, always. Churches, parishes, institutions, with closed doors must never be called churches, they should be called museums!To strengthen the bond between the family and the Christian community today is indispensable and urgent. Certainly, there is need for generous faith to rediscover the understanding and courage to renew this covenant. Families at times draw back, saying that they cannot live up to this: "Father, we are a poor family and even a little worse for the wear", "We aren't able", "We already have so many problems at home", "We don't have the strength". This is true. But no one is worthy, no one is able to live up to it, no one has the strength! Without the grace of God, we can do nothing. Everything is given to us, given freely! And the Lord never comes into a new family without working some miracle. Let us remember what he did at the wedding of Cana! Yes, the Lord, if we place ourselves in his hands, will work miracles for us – but they are miracles of every day life! - when the Lord is there, present in the family.

Naturally, the Christian community must also do its part. For example, overcoming attitudes that give too much advice or are too managerial, in order to foster interpersonal dialogue and awareness and mutual esteem. May families take initiative and feel the responsibility for bringing their precious gifts to the community. We must all be aware that the Christian faith is played on an open field of life shared with all. The family and the parish must work the miracle of a more communal life for the whole of society.

At Cana, there was the Mother of Jesus, the "mother of good counsel". Let us listen to her words: "Do whatever he tells you" (cf. Jn 2:5). Dear families, dear parish communities, let us allow ourselves to be inspired by this Mother, let us do whatever Jesus tells us and we will find the source of all miracles, of every day miracles!