Monday, 31 August 2015

22nd Sunday of the Year

"Stay with us Lord on our Journey"

Please remember in your prayers:

Sick and housebound: June McCaffrey,

Lately Dead: Joan Eyles, Margaret Westwell, Winifred Bernadette Bradshaw, Stephen James Cooney

Anniversaries:  Doug Thomson, Wendy Mack, Annie Metcalf, Geoff Little


Masses this week: Tues: 18.30pm - Mass followed by Exposition

Wed: 10.15am - Requiem Mass for Winifred Bernardette (known as Bernie) Bradshaw

Thurs: 10.30am - Requiem Mass for Joan Eyles

Fri: 10.15am - Requiem Mass for Stephen Cooney

Sat: 12noon - Wedding Service for Christopher Beaghan & Nikki Foster


Fr John will be away from Thursday afternoon and returning Saturday morning. He is attending his niece's wedding. Fr McLaughlin will celebrate the Requiem Mass on Friday


On the Monthly Newsletter it reads that the Gift Aid rebate was £6,943.14 and then says (see note below). As I was in a rush I forgot to add the note. So, thanks to everyone who has enabled us to reclaim tax relief from their weekly donations. After the diocese has taken its handling fee off for all the administration we have received this amount. Many thanks also to Sean Mullen who administers the gift aid for the parish. This amount is so important in getting various projects done and bills paid. Thank you, Fr John


Pope Francis on the Importance of Prayer in the Family


"We all know how important prayer is, yet it seems so difficult to find time for it. Perhaps we need to ask if we truly love God, as he asks us to, with all our heart, and all our mind and all our strength. For the heart of prayer is the love of God, the source of our life, who constantly "caresses" us with his own love. A heart filled with the love of God can make even a silent thought or a small gesture of devotion a moment of prayer. The Holy Spirit teaches us to pray, to call God our Father, and to grow daily in his love. Our families need to ask for the gift of the Spirit!


Through prayer, even in the busiest times, we give time back to God, we find the peace that comes from appreciating the important things, and we encounter the joy of God's unexpected gifts. Through daily prayer may our homes become, like the house of Martha and Mary, places where Jesus always finds a warm welcome."


Prayer is a very important part of our lives and it is in the family that I believe we learn to pray. It is most important that as a family you pray together. I still remember as a child when Mum & Dad would call us all downstairs into the front room to kneel and pray the rosary around the fire. With the month of October approaching it can be a time when we can make an effort to set a time to pray together in your own home with everyone gathered together. Fr John


Bill on Assisted Dying


You may have noticed that the discussion is ramping up in the media on this subject, with more discussion seeming to come from the pro lobby. It is vital that if we are to stand up for the right to life and protect the vulnerable that we make our feelings known to our local MP. There are still a few postcards in Church to send to your MP. If you have not acted yet please consider doing so.


There will be coffee & tea served after Masses next weekend