Friday, 13 February 2015

6th Sunday of the Year

Weekend Masses Sat 18.30hrs & Sun 10.00hrs

Masses this week:

Mon – No Mass

Tues – 12 noon Mass followed by pancakes

Ash Wed – 12 noon Mass with distribution of Ashes (Day of Fast and Abstinence)

Thurs – 18.30 Stations of the Cross followed by Mass (about 7pm)

Friday – 10am Mass


Please remember in your prayers

Sick and housebound: Beth Tomlinson, Paul Hughes, Mary O'Connor.

Lately Dead:     

Anniversaries: Catherine Kehoe, Bill Moorhouse, George Clayton, Joe Duhan

Bishop's Pastoral Letter is available for anyone to read on the website



The rich resource of Lent is there for us to grasp and use to help us develop as both an individual and a community. How we get the best out of it depends on what we are prepared to put into it. It is easy to think that Lent is a time for giving things up, after all it is what most of us have been taught from an early age and we are often asked each year, "What are you going to give up for Lent?" But I feel that this is limiting Lent to only a very small area of what it is meant to be. A better question may be "What extra are you going to do for Lent?"

The Pope is calling on us to put the individual second to the community so let me ask a few questions about our community? How well do we each know someone else in the parish? People often say to me "I normally attend on Sunday morning but I went to the Saturday evening Mass, I didn't know anyone!" How can we get to know other people in the parish?

Bishop John said at a priests Requiem the other week that as we learn to live in a diocese where the Lord is asking us to work with fewer priests then how are we going to do that? For our communities to survive we will need to build them up and enable them to grow. Strong parish communities with Christ at the centre, through sacraments, prayer and community celebration is important.

If you do not build up community then it will die. This parish has a strong history of community but it is beginning to dwindle. The elderly are not being replaced by the younger element. Why is this? We need to address this problem soon or see our parish slowly decline to a small relic of what it was. This Lent, think and pray of how we can make our community stronger. A community built on love; a community built on faith; a community full of hope. If we achieve this then folk will be drawn into it. It will not just happen. Effort is required. How can we do it? Let us use this Lent to seek initiatives. Let our parish grow. Do not give it up.

Fr John