Saturday, 24 January 2015

3rd Sunday of the Year

Weekend Masses Sat 18.30hrs & Sun 10.00hrs

No Masses this week: Fr John is away

There is a Requiem on Wed at 12.30pm for Mary Rose Connolly. This will be said by Fr Stamp

We welcome Fr McLaughlin this Sunday Morning to celebrate Mass with us.

Next weekend Fr Reg Riley, a Marist, will make an appeal on behalf of the Missions.

Fr John will be back for Mon 2 Feb


The Office will be closed Mon/Tues and open this week Wed – Fri 10am – 2pm


Please remember in your prayers

Sick and housebound: Beth Tomlinson, Paul Hughes, Mary O'Connor, and John Thomas.

Lately Dead: Valerie Kennedy, Mary Rose (Patsy) Connolly, Owen Mason, John Kay, Generose Thompson, John Holden  

Anniversaries: Frank Batt, Rosina Hughes, Teresa Ainsworth


The Things we Value

In our "throw-away society" it is very easy not to value goods as much as we used to, after all you can replace them quite easily with a new one. The trouble with this is that we can tend to treat everything the same way. Everything can be replaced! Speak to engineers and they hate the fact that what they used to fix can now just be replaced by a whole component and therefore why bother to fix the small part if it is not cost effective. What happens is that the art of being able to use one's own ability comes at a higher price than being able to replace something cheaper.

We like to teach our children the art of valuing what they have, but even then if they always get what they want then do they value what they have. Some people talk of wearing clothes once before they get rid of them. The occasion has passed so there is no more use for it, discard it now as it is taking up space!

If there was a fire at your house what would be the things that you would run in to save, knowing that all the family and pets were safe. You may find that you will look to save things that are not so much valuable but cannot be replaced, things of sentimental value that we would feel lost without.

With our faith do we feel that it is a great value to us? Do we feel that it is worth holding onto no matter what? Would we do anything to keep it? It may not be economically valuable but it may mean everything to us.

Jonah cared about Nineveh. Paul, in today's reading tells everyone to think of what needs to be valued before the end of the world comes. Jesus, in the Gospel, preaches an urgency to repent "The time has come!"

If we do not value the things around us then we will lose them as they lose their value. A pearl of great price only has a great price if people want it. Let us try to value what we have, our life, our health, the people we love and our faith.

Pope Francis tells us to value the poor. Why, because the poor value what little they have whereas the rich tend to look somewhere else for other riches. There is a great lesson to be learnt here. Let us value what we have, not value what we want, and to know the difference.                                                                                                                                                Fr John