Thursday, 25 December 2014

25th December - The Nativity of The Lord

18.30 Vigil Mass of the Feast of the Holy Family

Christmas Day - 10am Mass for the Feast of the Holy Family

Please remember in your prayers:
Sick and housebound: Mary O'Connor, and John Thomas.
Lately Dead: Harry Catlow, Margaret Darwin, Thomas Glannan, Alan McCumskay, John Boyle and
Fr Peter Knowles (Holy Souls, Blackburn)

Other Masses: Harold and Mary Duckworth, Gregory Heyes, Richard & Gertrude Haworth, Mary and Francis Heyes, Beth & Fred Alveston, May & Joe Walsh, Evelyn & Ernest Taylor, Evelyn &
Frederick Cockshutt, Kenneth Holmes, Joseph, Ada & Claire Joyce, Patrick & Clare Doolan,
Joseph & Alice MacNeal, Teresa Grimshaw

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas.
May the Peace that Christ came to bring
Be present in your lives and hearts
From: Fr John
& Jean, the parish Secretary.

The crib offerings will be donated to THOMAS, a Catholic Organisation in Blackburn that helps to rehabilitate Drug and Alcohol abusers.

The Parish Centre is open Christmas Day from after Mass until 2.30pm. It is closed on Boxing Day and New years' Day. It is open New Year's 'Eve.

Synod on Family Life - you may remember that last year there was a consultation on Married Life asking people for comment. The language in the document was not helpful. The Pope has asked for further consultation for the second part of the Synod late in 2015. In order for people to be able to respond parishes are beings asked to have mini conferences about marriage and family life. If you would like to be involved please let Fr John know in the next few weeks.

Fr Peter Knowles RIP: served at St Joseph's Darwen and All Souls, Blackburn.
His Requiem is both Monday 29th December at 7.30pm and Tuesday 30th December at 11.00 am.

Peace on Earth