Saturday, 18 October 2014

29th Sunday of the year

Masses this week:
Mon- No Mass
Tues -10.00 am Requiem Mass for Tony Forshaw
Wed - 10.15 am Requiem Mass for Eileen Ireland
Thurs - 18.30 Mass followed by Exposition
Fri - 07.30 Mass followed by breakfast
Sacrament of Reconciliation - 5.45 - 6.15 pm on Saturdays or any time on appointment.

Please remember in your prayers
Sick and housebound: Tommy Glannan, Harry Catlow, Mary O'Connor, Christine Tormey, John Thomas, Alfie & Willie Boswell, Louis James Armstrong (premature baby)
Lately Dead: Logan Wood, Tony Forshaw, Eileen Ireland, Fr Kevin Griffin
Anniversaries: Geoff Little,. Joseph Beard more , Edward McCaffrey, Catherine Kehoe, Tom Stevens, Alice Peters, Mary Le Pia, Margaret Madden, Belford McHugh, Albert Winstanley, Ellen Walsh, Ted Massey, Mary Berry, Margaret Massey

This Sunday - Choir Mass This Sunday the Choir will be singing a latin short-part Mass as they remember all those who have sung in the choir over the years.

Clocks go back Next weekend the clocks go back one hour which means an hour's extra sleep.

November Prayer List If you would like someone deceased to be remembered during Masses in November then please put their names and preferred dates on a list in an envelope marked "November List". Do not put money in the envelope. Latest date for names to be handed in is this Sunday 19th October.

Rosary Circle The Rosary will be said after Mass next Thursday evening for IIPeace in the World". If you wish to join in please come along.

Service of Light The annual "Service of Light" will take place at St Joseph's, Audley, for all our children who have died. When? Next Sunday, 26th Qct at 2pm. Everyone is welcome.

Fr John away Fr John will be away next weekend from the Saturday until the following Friday. Fr Sean O'Brien, Blackburn Hospital Chaplain, will say the Masses next weekend. We will take this opportunity to present him with a cheque for the needs of the Chaplaincy, as a result of sale of the parish magazine a couple of editions ago.

RCIA Group For those thinking of becoming a Catholic the next meeting will take place this Thursday at 7.30pm.

CAFOD There is a thank you letter on the noticeboard for people to read.
Monthly Newsletter for November the deadline for news to go into the monthly newsletter is Thursday 23rd October. Please think ahead if you want anything put in next month's newsletter. We cannot guarantee any news going on the weekly Mass sheet, as we are trying to use this for more educational articles, not for parish information as we have this week!!!!

Thank you Thank you to all those who helped in anyway with Logan Wood's Requiem Mass. Many people came forward to offer support from the parish so that things ran smoothly. Sad experiences like these often pull us all together, so thank you because we all need help and support in such times. I would especially like to thank Alana for all the support she has offered in the schools during this time. Fr John