Saturday, 26 July 2014

Weekly Notices and Mass Times: Sat Vigil 26th July Sunday 27th

This Week's Mass times here at St Mary's Parish, Oswaldtwistle:
Weekend Mass times - Sat Vigil -6.30pm & Sun 10am
Mon - No Mass
Tues - 9.15am Mass - St Martha
Wed - 12 noon Mass followed by packed lunch
Thur - 6.30pm Mass followed by Exposition - St Ignatius of Loyola
Fri -12.00am Mass followed by CAFOD Soup Lunch - St Alphonsus
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Sat - 5.45pm - 6.15pm
Alana will have an office in the Presbytery this week.
Please remember in your prayers:
The Sick and Housebound, especially: Harry Catlow, Thomas Glannan, Ellen Sugden,
Mary O'Connor, Joan Murray
Lately Dead: Derek George, Peter Murtagh
Anniversaries: Leen Spaans, Brian Metcalfe, Frances Chambers, Fr Jerimiah Smith


.A Week of opposite 'Emotions'
I don't know about you but I have found myself with contrasting emotions this past week. Coming
to terms with the shooting down of MH17 over Ukraine and the war in the Middle East involving
Israel and Gaza have shared the headlines with the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.
There have been the pictures of pure shock and hatred in the pictures beamed from the "acts of
terror". There have been pictures of pure delight from the pictures beamed from Scotland. Where
is God in all of this? In which of these events is he present? It would be easy to say in the joy, but
He is also as present in the suffering.
A parishioner brought me back a newsletter from their travels. In it was an article about the Brazil
humiliation at the hands of the German football team and the pure anguish on the Brazilian faces.
There above the city is the outstretched arms of "Christ the Redeemer" who overlooks the poor
areas as well as the rich.
The events of the past week have brought it home to me, more so, that the face of Jesus is
present in all the events of the past week. We are a people capable of sharing despair as well as
hope and the face of Christ is with us in all of our lives and not just certain events. Our faith has
the high and lows of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Holy Orders, intertwined with the
support of the Sacrament of the Sick and Reconciliation and the Eucharist. As a priest of the
Church, I share in the highs and lows of people and this past week has been no exception, just
more dramatic. May we remember Jesus Christ does not pick and choose when He is present. He
is present in all things. As his disciples, though, we are able to choose when we wish to make his
presence felt.
During the hot weather do make sure you keep an eye on the elderly. Check that they are
drinking enough water and not over heating. Try to visit them to make sure they are ok.
If you are going on holiday have a wonderful time and know that you will be prayed for back
here in St Mary's. May you return refreshed.
News for the August Monthly Newsletter needs to be in by Tuesday Evening this next week.